What Are The Benefits of Resin Driveways?

You might have noticed resin driveways springing up everywhere and wondered why they’re so popular. Let’s take a look at why so many UK homeowners have switched to resin drives:

a striped resin bound driveway acting as a pathway to a domestic home


Perhaps the most enduring appeal of a resin driveway is how suited it is to the UK climate. Living in Britain means we can’t escape rain and harsh weather. If you have a gravel or cement drive then you’ll know how quickly your drive turns into a swimming pool on rain days. As well as looking a mess, puddles of water increase the risk of slipping – not to mention they’re inconvenient to walk through!

Luckily, resin bound driveways are naturally porous. You won’t see the tiny holes in your drive with the naked eye, but this innovative surfacing technology allows rainwater to drain effectively. This prevents water from gathering on the surface of your driveway. UV stable resin also means it’s protected from the bleaching effect of harsh sunlight.

Another practical pro of resin driveways is that they’re weed resistant. Unlike block paving, there are no large gaps in resin driveways for plants to push through. So, no more pulling up pesky dandelions from your driveway! You can also easily roll out your wheelie bin without gravel getting trapped under the wheels.


Resin bound driveways are tough. Hard wearing resin binder forms a strong adhesive bond that locks aggregate stones together to form a robust, seamless surface that stands up to daily comings and goings. If laid at a minimum 20mm depth resin-bound aggregates can support vehicles over 7.5 tonnes. That’s durable enough to support cars, SUVs, trucks, and work vans. Under their smooth exterior, resin driveways are reassuringly tough. Built to withstand cracking from harsh winter weather and UV stable resin that resists sun damage, you can relax knowing that your resin drive is an investment that lasts.

Kerb Appeal

It goes without saying that resin driveways look stunning. Homeowners are always looking to increase the value of their properties and most know how important ‘kerb appeal’ is. First impressions count and resin bound driveways undoubtedly have the wow factor.

Smooth and sleek, resin driveways provide an elegant entrance to your home. Due to their popularity you might worry that you’re drive will look identical to your neighbour’s, but this isn’t the case. Resin drives are fully customisable, with an array of colours, aggregate options, and custom designs you can customise your driveway to suit your personal taste.

We’ve seen some truly breathtaking transformations in customer driveways. Take a look at these before and afters to see the difference a resin drive can make:

A Resin Bound Driveway Doesn’t Need Planning Permission

Another great benefit of a resin bound driveway is that you don’t need planning permission. Due to their permeable surface, resin drives are SUDs complaint. SUDs, or a ‘Sustainable Urban Drainage System’, ensure that surfaces in urban areas allow water to drain away into the natural ground.

Bear in mind however that there’s a difference between a resin bound driveway and a resin bonded driveway. Resin bonded drives are not permeable, and you need planning permission before installing one.

Easy to Maintain

Resin driveways require very little maintenance. The glossy, sleek surface makes it extremely difficult for weeds to take root. Moss and algae also find it difficult to grow on resin drives compared to block paving or gravel. In fact, resin bound drives require very little upkeep. UV stable resin means your drive is protected from the sun in summer and dried aggregates create a tough structure that resists cracking in the winter.

Simply scrub every so often with mild detergent and water to keep your driveway glossy and glamourous.

Free Draining

As mentioned above, resin bonded drives are permeable. The resin-bound surface is robust yet porous, enabling rainwater to drain into the natural earth below. A lack of surface water on your drive reduces the risk of flooding and helps replenish groundwater reserves by allowing rain to drain freely into the soil.

Not having to jump over massive puddles to reach your front door is another perk!


Homeowners are more eco-conscious than ever. If you’re concerned about the environment then you’ll be pleased to know that resin driveways are eco-friendly. Again, resin bound driveways’ permeable surface is to thank. Stable resin allows water to drain from the existing surface into the ground below. This means rainwater can complete its natural cycle by draining into the soil below and replenishing the water table. If you remember your geography lesson from school, the water table is a subterranean boundary between the soil’s surface and where groundwater collects between rocks and sediment. It’s a vital part of our planet’s ecosystem. By choosing a driveway that allows water to drain freely instead of gathering on the surface, you’ll be doing your bit for the environment.

resin bound driveway in a simple plain grey colour in front of a customers house

Quick Installation

It might surprise you to learn that resin driveways can be completed in a matter of days. Scale and complexity play can lengthen project times but the overall installation is simple and straightforward. This means your daily routine can return to normal sooner rather than later – you quickly realise how hard it is to find a parking spot without a driveway!


How much does a resin driveway cost? All these plus points might have you dreading the bill. Yet resin driveways are very affordable! Block paving prices can vary dramatically but thanks to industry advancements and popular demand, resin drives are consistently affordable. Take into account how effortless resin drives are to keep, meaning you spend less money on maintenance overall.

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