Take your outdoor space to the next level with Pave's Step options. Our Steps are both practical and stylish, making them a feature of your garden space rather than an afterthought.

It’s quite unusual to have a perfectly flat garden and so steps are an integral part of garden design whether it be a single step leading into the house or a means of getting between different levels. The secret is to make them a stylish feature in their own right. Steps can be used to make bold statements and create interest in a garden. For example broad steps can really open up a patio and create an illusion of space as well as providing informal places to sit or to put plants pots at different levels. As long as you consider the rest of the space, the type of materials that can be used are limitless – from sleepers to porcelain tiles or stone.

At PAVE we plan around a number of safety points such as the height of each riser, the depth of the tread and the number of steps required to travel from A to B. For steep slopes, it may be better to use lengths of ramp to make the steps easier and more comfortable to climb and a handrail may also be advisable. The size of the steps, the layout and direction are important factors to get right to achieve maximum impact from any design.

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