The best evenings are spent with a roaring fire, surrounded by friends and family on a beautifully designed patio space. Level up your garden this summer with Pave's variety of Patio options, designed to suit every home.

Sit on a Patio, Watch the World Go By

Extend your living area outside with a beautifully designed and well-laid patio. With outdoor living here to stay, a patio is the ideal way to provide a seating and dining area in your garden. At PAVE, a patio is more than a rectangle hard standing area for your garden furniture. It’s a place to socialise, to dine out or to kick back and relax on a summer evening. Should it be attached to the house so you can step out easily with your morning coffee or does the bottom of the garden catch the sun and provide a better location?. In which case, a path can give seamless and dirt free access. 

Your patio may be a family area or you might prefer a more private area of the garden to enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. You might even need more than one patio to be able to enjoy the sun as it moves throughout the day.

The shape and size of your patio will be dependent on intended use, maintenance and budget. Many of our designs have included soft flowing curves but a rectangular patio can be a more efficient use of space. Perhaps the biggest impact though will be the choice of paving that you use and there are plenty to choose from. Natural stone, Indian Sandstone, Limestone, concrete paving slabs, block paving are just a few choices and then there are uniform sizes and patio packs which have a 4 size mix. You can choose a smooth finish or a textured look and the patio can be sealed to give a wet look that will protect the slabs from stains and algae. The colour you choose, and there are many,  should tie in with the finish of your house and then there’s edging, decorative patterns and gravel to consider.

On a practical note there are safety and practical issues to be considered to ensure that your patio doesn’t become water logged or becomes a safety hazard in the garden. A patio should be a place to relax and enjoy and with so much to consider the PAVE team can provide the expert and professional advice you need to get it right.

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