Pave the way with Pave's path options. Designed to compliment your outdoor space, our paths create the perfect stepping stone to take you where you want to go.

“There is no path to happiness. Happiness is the path”

A garden path will connect different areas in your garden and will be designed according to its function. Does it provide a space to wander between flower beds or is it used for getting the wheelie bins out? Does it connect the house to the patio, or the garage to the drive? Are the kids cycling up and down or is it for meandering through a cottage garden. Paths can provide safe access to different areas outside for those less able and by considering the style of your home, can complement the area you are creating.

Considering the purpose of the path will assist in deciding the materials that should be used to build it. The wheelie bins will need to be able to travel smoothly on a path that’s wide enough to take the wheels and a diverting path may simply allow access to the hedge without trampling all over your beautiful plants. The shape of the path should work in harmony with the rest of your garden landscape and don’t forget that the right layout and design can change the way the eye perceives a narrow garden. 

The colour and tone of existing hard landscaping and of your home is a good starting point when looking at the finish of materials such as natural stone paving, gravel or a continuation of your patio stone. Decide whether the path will curve and whether you will edge with contrasting stone or planting.

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