A Driveway is more than bricks and concrete, it's an entrance. Impress your neighbours with Pave's stunning Driveway displays.

The driveway and parking spaces in front or to the side of your home needs to be functional as well as welcoming to your family and visitors. Many modern properties are built with enough space to park 2 cars with little space either side. At PAVE we understand that families are growing, children are staying at home longer and sometimes 2 spaces just isn’t enough. We’re often asked to extend drives to give more access for parking whilst maintaining a welcoming look to the property. A well laid driveway can transform the front of a house, whilst also being functional with relatively low maintenance.

When upgrading your driveway, we consider the space required for parking vehicles and for getting in and out of the car with shopping bags, young children, prams or golf clubs! You will often be looking out onto the drive from the front of the house so it should be aesthetically pleasing and in keeping with the rest of your property. 

There are a range of block pavers that can be used to lay your brand new drive including Tegulas, standard blocks, permeable blocks or contemporary block paving. The blocks themselves come in different colours and finishes that you can choose from and you may wish to add in a decorative edging strip or driveway design.

As with any hard landscaping, the PAVE team consider drainage by installing channel drains or soakaways or by using permeable paving where required.

Some of our clients have installed LED lighting linked to PIRs for when they’re coming home in the dark or just to add that extra WOW factor.

Finance Available

Pay in affordable monthly instalments to better suit your needs and budget.

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