How Can I Customise My Resin Bound Driveway?

Your driveway is an extension of your home. It’s the first thing you see when you return home after a long day and how it looks can subtly affect your mood. Looking after where you live and taking pride in your home’s appearance can be a source of joy and contentment. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a welcoming and beautiful home, so it’s important that your driveway is every bit as inviting as your house’s interior.

If you’re a houseproud homeowner, you likely find enjoyment in injecting your home with your personality and taste. You know what you want and that isn’t a humdrum gravel driveway that casts loose stones across the garden and pavement. A resin bound driveway might be your answer; they’re endlessly customisable so you can be certain of finding a style that suits your taste.

The hardest part of choosing a resin driveway is picking a design – the options can feel overwhelming! With so many colour and style options available, how do you know which style will suit your home best? In this post we’ll inspire your imagination by explaining the different types of resin driveway designs and where they’re most suitable.

No matter which design you choose, a resin bound driveway is a durable, low maintenance, and stylish way to improve the entrance to your home. This includes patios and pathways, too!

Relaxed and natural

If you favour an organic look, then a resin drive in natural colours is the obvious choice. Think sandy shades and neutral tone that complement the greenery of your garden. You might also consider reflecting the natural stonework of your house in your driveway to create a harmonious, natural feel. This elegant but relaxed finish works well if you live in a rural area or own a period property with a natural stone facade.

We’d recommend a blend of marble and quartz mixed to the perfect shade of cream, ivory or corn.

Attractively eye-catching

For the maximalists, bold colour and designs will make your driveway pop. You might be surprised to find that resin bound driveways come in more colour combinations than black, grey, and sand. From rich red to lush forest green and even stormy blue shades, there’s a whole range of colours to pick from. Go a step further by adding a striking geometric design or create a calming effect with circular patterns. We recommend these bold design for urban areas and homeowners who like to stand out from the rest of the street. Prepare for the neighbour’s car to slow down each time they pass your drive to get a better look!

The best aggregate for creating bold patterns  is colour are  marble mixed beautifully with deep reds and dark grey.

a picture of a resin driveway using a small gravel aggregate

Sleek and minimal

For a sleek, sophisticated look you can’t beat a monochromatic colour palette of cool greys, charcoal black and neutral white. A light border against a dark driveway will create striking contrast while still looking understated. Minimalists might prefer to forgo patterns but using initials in a custom design can be an elegant final touch that elevates your drive.

For contemporary cool opt for  dark grey slate contrasted with a border of grey marble.

Magical metallics

Glamorous gold, celestial silver, and captivating copper – mercurial metallics might not be your first choice when it comes to customising your driveway, but it’s worth considering. A shimmer of gold or bronze can add a luxe feel to your property, adding depth and a sleek finish. Metallic resin driveways work well with contemporary homes, particularly if you have exposed metal work like a balcony or wrought iron gate. It’s not the obvious choice but it’s certainly unique.

Captivate at first glance with blends of granite, quartz, flints and marble.

Beautifully bespoke

The great things about resin bound driveways is how infinitely customisable they are. If you want a design that no one else has its easy to create a bespoke pattern with contrasting aggregates. Create intricate swirls and distinctive diamond designs or get creative with eye-catching borders and personalised logos. You could even replicate your business logo on the driveway! The only limit is your imagination.

Create a unique resin driveway with Pave Paving

Whether you need help picking a design or are looking for a team of experts to bring your vision to life, PAVE offer professional resin bound solutions. With years of experience, we can offer specialist advice on the highest quality resin materials to bring your design to life. Our myriad colour options give your creativity free rein, whether you want to make a memorable first impression or simply create an inviting, harmonious entrance to your home.

Because of our commitment to quality workmanship and using the finest products, you can feel confident that your resin bound driveway will look fantastic for years to come. Our team work tirelessly so that once a design is finalised your bespoke driveway can be installed with minimal disruption to your home or business.

To discuss designs call us today for a no obligation quote.

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